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Mobile App Development

We Make building software easy for you. We take all your headache away.

We Build Mobile Apps and We do it the Best! That's because we love to do it and have the craftsmanship and proven experience to do it.

We understand that every app is different and we understand your requirements translate it into an app that users will love.

Design (UI/UX)

Our UI/UX design service is all about bringing your vision to life with elegance and functionality.

We focus on creating user interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly. Our expert designers delve deep into your project's needs, ensuring that every design element is crafted to enhance user experience.

We believe in designs that speak to the user, combining aesthetics with practicality to create experiences that users will love and remember.

Software Consultation

Our Consultation service is designed to demystify the process of app creation. 'How do you develop an app?' is a question we encounter frequently, and we're well-equipped to provide comprehensive answers.

With our in-depth knowledge of the app development process, we're here to assist with any queries you may have. Leveraging our experience, we emphasise the value of sound advice before development begins, knowing it can save you considerable time and stress.

Let us guide you through each step, ensuring your journey in app development is smooth, informed, and successful.

Your Dream App is Just a Click Away!

We Are Here to Make This Journey Easy For You ✌️

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Got Questions? We're Proactive! FAQs to Get You Started ✌️


What Services Do We Provide? Software Apps, Digital Services, Marketing? 📱

As a boutique, bespoke Mobile App Development company, our Specialty lies in creating Outstanding Mobile Applications. We also craft complementary Web Panels and Desktop Apps to enhance the overall user experience and functionality of the Mobile Apps we Develop.

What will the App Cost me?

Cost of An App totally depends on what we are building/requirements. Think of it like building a House, and it totally depends on what we want in the house and what we want the house to look like.

We have covered this in depth with an Estimated Cost in the link here:
Click to view The Cost of An App

How is your Contract and Payments Secured? 🔐

To secure your Payments and our Contracts we operate with an ESCROW Account System.
This means We Only Receive Payment After you have Received, Reviewed, and Approved the Work.

For this Secure and Transparent process, we utilise a platform Globally Recognised and Trusted by Developers and Clients alike.

With us, rest assured that your contract and payments are always in safe hands. Your Peace of Mind is Paramount.

What If You Are Not Happy With The Work?

In the Rarest of all Events if you're not satisfied at all, then YOU SIMPLY DON'T PAY US. With Us your Peace of Mind is Guaranteed.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not happy with the work delivered, we are committed to addressing your concerns and making necessary revisions. Our process includes thorough discussions and regular updates to ensure we align with your vision.

Where are we Located?

We're equipped and experienced in working seamlessly across borders, delivering Exceptional Service and Solutions WORLDWIDE.

We are OFFICIALLY REGISTERED by the GOVERNMENT and the SOFTWARE BOARD in Pakistan. Embracing the global shift towards REMOTE COLLABORATION, we're also in the process of registering our company in Estonia, Europe.

Bonus Offer for You: FREE! 🎁

If you are here, tell us in our Introduction Call that you read this FAQ and as a special thank you for considering SoloBits, we will offer you a FREE Prototype Design! 😉

This bonus is our way of showing commitment to your vision and giving you a taste of the exceptional quality and innovation we bring to every project.
Let's turn your ideas into a tangible reality, on us! 🎁